Veg Out for the Planet

Earth Day Event at Our Hospital

L to R:  Cynthia King (of CK Dance and creator of vegan ballet slippers  ), Julian Deych, Michael Harren (music teacher), Rina Deych, Dawne Eng (planning to open vegan grocery), Nancy Sands (Registered Dietician at the hospital) and her two daughters, Nichole (who wants to be a veterinarian) and Bree.  Swati Patel (physical therapist) and Louise Silnick (social worker) also helped (but are not in this photo).

We had two large tables, one for literature and one full of delicious vegan food from the V-Spot Cafe, my favorite vegan restaurant in Brooklyn, and the one who catered our last hospital event, as well as our last Sean Casey vegan table!  We served the food on sugar cane plates with corn starch forks!

The literature table had tons of great pamphlets from various organizations, including summary of UN report "Livestock's Long Shadow,"  "The Cow is a Climate Bomb" article,  EarthSave's "How to Win an Argument With a Meat Eater,"  PCRM's Veg starter Kits,  Pamela Rice's "101 Reasons Why I Am Vegetarian,"  Friends of Animals' Vegan GuidesVeg for Life Guide to Veg Living,   Farm Sanctuary's Factory Farming: Destroying the Environment and The Truth Behind "Humane" Meat Milk and Eggs,  Excerpt from the China Study and  and lots more. We also gave out incredible audio CD's by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, of Compassionate Cooks!

We also showed the film "A Life Connected," which covered the environmental, health, and ethical reasons for going vegan:

"A Life Connected" Brochures (100/pack)


  Vegan foods available at the supermarket!    Literature table.  Pictured left to right:  Nancy Sands, Dawne Eng, Cynthia King, Michael Harren, Rina Deych, Louise Silnick, Bree Sands, and Nicole Sands.     Michael Harren (foreground) and Louise Silnick helping to set up     Cynthia King and Michael Harren display Cruelty-Free sign!     Cynthia King and Michael Harren     Nancy Sands, Louise Silnick, Rina Deych, Swati Patel, and Michael Harren

                    Cynthia and Dawne serving and chatting

Nicole and Bree      Julian, Nicole, and Bree          Swati and Cynthia         


Joe, the communications guy!                         winding down

Michael and Cynthia     Bree, Julian, and Louise     Crowd by Bree Sands     Crowd by Bree Sands     Danny Carabano (owner of V-Spot)  by Bree Sands

Literature table by Bree Sands     Nicole Sands by Bree Sands     Crowd by Michael Harren