Veg-Out Day


At My Hospital in Brooklyn

A collaborative effort between Nancy Sands, Registered Dietician, Rina Deych, Registered Nurse, and the Dietary Department.  We served seven trays of delicious vegan food (including 3 different types of Empanadas, *mock* Buffalo Wings, Nori Rolls, Curried Kale and Chick Peas, and Quinoa, and a variety of sauces!) from the V-Spot Cafe, vegan restaurant in Brooklyn!

Some of the reading materials we distributed:

Amazing Veg Starter Kits and Rainbow Posters provided by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

How to Win an Argument with a Meat Eater Handouts from Earthsave

Excerpts from the China Study

Summary of UN report "Livestock's Long Shadow"

We showed a DVD by Dr. Michael Greger, MD (HSUS), which the physicians, nurses, and especially the dieticians found fascinating!

We had lots of fliers from various companies like Edensoy with nutritional info and recipes and some veg magazine samples.

We decorated the walls with Veg-Out banners, PCRM posters, and Veg News covers, and displayed boxes of vegan products, like Gabila's knishes, Mon Cuisine Vegan Chicken Patties, Silk coffee creamer, Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese, Rice Dream, etc.

We had books like John Robbins' "Diet For a New America," Gary Null's "Complete Guide to Health and Nutrition" and Rynn Berry's "Famous Vegetarians."

We were limited to presenting veganism from a health perspective, but when people asked me why I went veg 24 years ago, I explained that it was for ethical reasons, after seeing the Animals Film.

For those who specifically requested more literature (which included the ethical issues), I had on hand Pamela Rice's wonderful pamphlet "101 Reasons Why I Am Vegetarian" and some great hand-outs from PETA, as well as some DVD's of the documentary "A Sacred Duty"!

We also had a contest ("Guess the number of beans in the jar")  for a tote bag filled with goodies and a $40 gift certificate for the V-Spot Cafe!

: )

Rina Deych, RN and Nancy Sands, RD        Literature Table        Veg Out Banner (which stayed up for 3 weeks!)        Literature regarding vegan products/recipes        Rina        Vegan literature and samples of vegan products available in any supermarket!


Rina  with literature         Nancy with literature          Nancy with video        Veg Out Banner        Some Literature       More Literature    


Nancy reading book "Famous Vegetarians"        Rina and Nancy         Case Managers        Dieticians serving        Doctors/nurses        Nan and Jen


Case Managers                                         

                                       Doctors,  Nurses,   Social Workers,  Administrators, and other health-care personnel


                                          Brie, Nan, Sue, and Jen

                                           More hospital personnel                                                                                    


                                                                                          Rina with fab PCRM Rainbow Poster!

                                                               The Goils!  : )                                                     

                   Tired but gratified Rina at home, after event, with Rainbow Poster and Veg Starter Kit