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" It's Almost Home "

 Located in Saugerties, New York, in the Scenic Hudson River Valley





Brooklyn, NY ~ (917)734-0442







My favorite dog trainer Tyril Frith (he did wonders with my two)!
  Tyril's Canine Academy
(718) 978-5951




My vet, Dr. Michael Keschner is phenomenal and treats all animals including exotics!  He saved the life of my Baki (cat) by doing tedious  bladder surgery on him and has helped me with countless animal emergencies.   


Pet Haven

290 McDonald Ave.

Brooklyn, NY  11218

(718) 435 - 6900




Robert Shapiro Reptile Rescuer

This guy is incredible! ... he's responsible for the rescue of thousands of reptiles every year.   He supports his reptile rescue project with a custom t-shirt business:  

Social Teez

(800) 200 - 7338



Pets Alive!

Until now retired NYC carriage horses had no place to go except the slaughter house.  Now, thanks to Pets Alive, they can live the remainder of their lives in peace at their wonderful sanctuary. 






Spring Farm Cares

I have no idea if their interspecies communications are accurate or if they are involved in some intense anthropomorphic projection... all I know is after seeing a documentary on their sanctuary I am certain their animals are well-cared for and content (I wish they'd adopt me) and that they have inspired, enlightened, opened minds, and nurtured the compassion in many people.




Fabulous site with tons of info on care and dietary requirements of the Green Iguana!

 I would not recommend that people take on the responsibility of adopting an iguana unless they are fully informed about the prerequisites involved in caring for these animals.

I strongly suggest that anyone considering adopting an iguana (or any exotic animal) thoroughly research the species first.

This site is an excellent place to get accurate and up-to-date information on the care of iguanas.




The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals Inc.
, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit 
corporation, has formed a public/private partnership with the City of New 
York dedicated to finding homes for every adoptable cat and dog in New York 
Check their site for event calendar.




Incredible site of Diabella - an amazing activist/artist!