The Vampire Thing




I've been fascinated with vampires since I was very young...probably pre-adolescent... I don't really know why, but I've always found them very sensual and alluring...
When I first met Spider Webb - the tattoo artist - I immediately recognized him as a fellow vampire... we hardly had to speak to communicate... we just seemed to be on the same wavelength... in addition to our interest in vampires, we seemed to both have a sociophilic yet satiric outlook on life. I have had fun participating in his very special brand of buffoonery.
Basically, I don't like to see anyone suffer...I don't have a problem with death (because once something is dead I can't help it), but when I see any creature suffering, it's my impulse to try to fact that's why I became a nurse... and a vegetarian, for that matter...
but (and there is always another side to the coin)...
For years every Halloween I dressed up as a creature of the night... usually a vampire... until a few years ago when I decided to combine the two concepts -of healing and (play/)"hurting"- ... and since that time I've been dressing up as a Nurse/Vampire...





Girl in cage (me) with Dragonfly

doing show with Spider outside art gallery in Village


Sobe and Me


(background by Al)


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