Family Pics 2010



Sobe and Monte    Cooper sleeping on Sobe's Tail    Freddie and Sobe    Monte sleeping with sobe    Monte and Sobe    Sobe and Monte chillin'

Sobe eats while Monte sits    Monte and Sobe sleeping    Sobe and Monte nose to nose    Cooper with iguana pillow    Shayna sleeping

Rina with Sobe and JC    Sobe with JC    Cooper with Sobe   Sobe and Monte 2    Sobe, Shayna, and Monte    Shayna, Freddie, and Sobe

Freddie kissing Shayna    Sobe and Cooper    Cooper and Sobe 2    Sobe and Monte 2    Shayna, Sobe, and Monte

Lily blind kitten    Sobe and Monte    Lily blind kitten hugging her toy    Mary, Lily's wonderful new adoptive mom    Johann and Sobe    Johann

Johann peering out over Sobe's tail    Chucky    Johann and Sobe    Sobe and Monte    Johann, Sobe, and Cooper

Freddie and Sobe    Sobe visiting Monte on bed    Shayna and Sobe    Johann, Sobe, and Cooper    Monte and Sobe    Cooper and Sobe 

Johann, Monte, and Sobe    Johann's iguana pillow    Johann resting on Sobe    Johann and Freddie with Sobe in background    Ashley, the miracle friendly feral

Johann and Sobe    Sobe, Johann, Monte    Cooper, Sobe, Monte, Freddie 2    Sobe and Monte    Sobe and Freddie   

Freddie and Sobe    Johann and Sobe    Johann and Sobe    Sobe pillow    Johann's pillow    Ashley the miracle cat